Monday, 19 July 2010

The Despondent Writer's Question and Answer Session with Nina

FAQ from Despondent Writers...
Q I feel low about my writing
A…make sure you keep all correspondence that has perked you up (especially my Reports) and leaf through them from time to time
QI have nowhere quiet to write
A… Invest in some ear plugs and you can even join your family in front of the telly.
Q I never seem to be in the right mood to write
A…You may find this disappears, once you put all the tips into effect…especially notebooking, Tapping Your Imagination, reading relevant books, dipping into research and using piecharts and timetables. But you may also want check your writing ‘time’ is at a good part of the day for your mood – not when you’re exhausted, or have had alcohol, for instance. Find one effective way to ‘beat’ your own mood and put it into action at the start of your writing time.
Q   I really want to write, but just have no ideas
A…the more we focus on something, the stronger those ideas become. So focus in on one project and go all out to research it, making notes as you go and using your ‘Miscellany book’ to store ideas.
Q  I feel guilty spending time on my writing.
A... How important is writing to you? Give it a score, as compared to other important parts of your life, out of ten. Now look at how much time you give to other parts, and allow yourself at least as much.
Q No, it’s not me, it’s those I live with – they make me feel guilty.
A...This time, your list should be about how much time they spend doing what they like…watching rugby, chatting on the phone…watching soaps…their new Wii…now you feel better, don’t you?

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This posting originally appeared in Nina Milton's Notepad Programme


  1. I am interested in too many things of which writing is right up there at the top - any sort of writing. I am something of a butterfly visiting different flowers , drilling down to get the most out my writing at times but then moving between it and photography, public speaking, singing and various aspects of my compelling job and doing the same intense drilling down on these but never settling on doing just one! This has proved to be both my strength and my weakness!

  2. Loved your film and your earings!