Sunday, 1 August 2010

My Winning Writing Resource

I use a winning writing resource – stimulating, user-friendly and widely available, it’s without charge and needs no upkeep, power supply or insurance policies.

my writing buddy Gail.
Without fail, this facility always motivates and refreshes me. When I’m depressed, it reminds me of all my small achievements, and as I’ve used it a long time, those reminders go way back. When I’ve something to celebrate, there it is, ready with metaphorical cork-popping champers. Not that this is some anodyne application to my writer’s ego. No; it ceaselessly supplies me with sparkling new versions of So? Live with it...and... pull your finger out, girl.
This appliance is generally under-used by my fellow writers. They don’t seem to understand the full worth of the well-spring, or if they do, they don’t appreciate it like they should. I’ve seen this facility ignored, squandered and left to fade away in a dusty corner. Then the writer complains the resource has let them down when they needed it most, or that someone else is monopolizing it. They should be ashamed of themselves, for there is no finer writer resource. I am quite sure I wouldn’t’ve achieved any of my success without it.
My favourite writing resource even has a name...Gail. Yours should have a name too...Jim or Hilary or Sue. Because, in my opinion, the best resource a writer can have is a writing friend. A friend who knows the dark days, blank screens days, the evil rejection slips, the crashed screens, writer’s cramp and silent tears of frustration. They should do – they’re suffering too.
Naturally, they’ll expect you to be a writer friend right back. Gail and I agree...that’s like twice the resource. Double the result for us both.
I wouldn’t be without her, so...thanks, Gail.


  1. Thanks Nina, I am very moved! But also, thanks for reminding me that I need to 'get on with it' (and how!). I look forward to sharing a new piece of sparkling writing with you soon!

  2. Great advice - I have two sounding boards; one is my partner and the other a good friend. The latter is a voracious reader and is wonderfully frank. Neither are writers but both creative and critical (but nicely so).