Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Nina's Short Stories in the next Scriptor Magazine

 I'm delighted to tell everyone that two of my short stories will be published at the end of 2012 in SCRIPTOR 9. 

The first of these is DVD, a story about a woman's conflict, and its resolution, with the people who live below her in her new flat...

 The cry wakes me. My third film last night was Nightmare on Elm Street and my heart is hammering as if I was still watching it. I make a resolution not to rent any more horror. This joins my earlier resolution not to rent any weepy romances. 
A wail floats up. A raised, male voice. Murmurs. Silence. It’s 5 a.m. on my first Saturday without Thomas. I have no work to distract me and sleep seems like something I did in another life. It takes me an hour to clean the whole flat. I go back over it, poking into nooks and crannies, sorting out cupboards, cleaning windows. Even this only takes until 10 am. 
I sit with a milky coffee in the bay of the window. I can’t see the river unless I stand and tilt my chin, but I know it’s there. 
If I phoned Geoff now, I could be back in our four-bedroom, redbrick house in less than an hour.  Geoff would even carry my cases up the front path to the burnt oak plaque saying Bilberry Cottage, though the manicured garden is altogether lacking in bilberries. The picture is so clear in my mind, that as I follow Geoff and my cases, I can hear the snide remarks he’s passing over his shoulder. 
A shiver of release passes through me. The routine of work, the tiny living space, the mind emptying movies. Things are simple, and at the moment, that’s simply enough.

Megan is trying to rebuild her life after an extra-marital affair which she has ended altruistically, sending her lover back to his children. But as she copes with the neighbours below, the reader is allowed to see what her life had been like before she left her husband. She has a recent passion for watching films on DVD, and the subtext of the story suggests that this stems from the fact that her husband and sons always insisted on watching the sports channels at home. 

The second story to appear in SCRIPTOR 9 is Clean Round the Bend...

Adrian pushed back his chair and stuffed his kit into his sports bag. ‘And what are you teaching them both?’ he asked, without looking at me. ‘Nowadays?’
I went on ironing, smoothing out a shirt of Adrian’s, the cream one with the pattern of tiny six-legged crosses inside vertical stripes. A drift of snowflakes down his back. In the very centre of one cross, was a dot of green felt-tip. I touched it with the tip of a finger. It hadn’t come out in the wash. When I looked up again, Adrian was gone and Petra was standing before me, awkwardly clutching her box of toys. Plastic people littered the floor. Below the table, Oscar was surrounded by blackened bacon bits.
I laid the iron gently against the tip of the finger that had touched the green felt-tip. The pain was very real.

This story is about a woman who is suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder and coping with two small children at the same time. In the scene above, I describe mundane actions  of life – washing, cooking, housework – incorporating this with dialogue to create a vehicle to show the character's fears.   

I'm delighted to be included in Scriptor 9. Established in 1996, Scriptor magazine is the flagship publication of GREEN ARROW PUBLISHINGThis quality, illustrated magazine provides an ideal showcase for writers of Poetry, Short Stories and Essays and is a successful and popular anthology of new writers and new writing in the UK. It's published every two years, and I was lucky enough to have a story, Scenes from the Bedroom, published in Scriptor 8 edition.

John Dench, publisher and founder of Green Arrow Publishings has informed me that this next Volume for 2012 will reflect a major product facelift with the use of perfect binding, lamination and colour.

John says...the promotion of well-written and well-presented Fiction and Non-Fiction is central to Green Arrow's philosophy. With its proven expertise, ever-growing list of very satisfied writers and a UK-wide distribution network...

On the website is information on the online bookshop, the Editorial Advisory Service, and details of talks and workshops.

There's still time to submit something to Scriptor Volume – 9 of the magazine, and to ensure that your work meets editorial requirements, current Contributors’ Guidelines are provided on the Green Arrow website. 9 for consideration. Just click on the Contributor's Guidelines. 

Green Arrow Publishing’s new website is now launched and can be viewed by clicking on the link 

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