Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Writing Workshop for the Imagination

WALKING IN YOUR WRITER’S IMAGINATION,  Nina Milton's most recent workshop, was held in the beautiful surrounds of the abbey of St Dogmael's on Saturday 22nd September. We started at 10 and were still going strong at 4, because we had a lovely bunch of writers, all of whom seemed to enjoy the day. During this workshop, I concentrate on                    
examining how stories get into our heads (and characters,
scenes and ideas, too). Where does our inspiration come from?
Should we actually thank the 'muses' as the Greeks did? 
I've been using the techniques we practised in the workshop
for years, now, closing my eyes, and allowing myself to drift
into a light trance and 'walk within my writer's imagination'.
I also describe these techniques in my Course for Writers;

I find that these techniques 
liberate your imagination
banish writer’s block
help you discover how instinct and insight work
help you use your dreams to open the wellspring of ideas
 help you visualize creatively 
free up your creative instinct and get closer to your characters

    In the lunch break, we were able to enjoy the beautiful surrounds of the village on a particularly sunny day. You can see the village pond in the photo, although sadly I can't spot either the ducks or the hens that wander through the cafe courtyard when the mood takes them. The abbey grounds are just behind the cafe and workshop area (The Coachhouse), and are an equally great place for inspiration.   The participants at the workshop    (some of whom are in the photo)
    created absolutely lovely writing from the exercises - I was very impressed with their work. I do hope they all continue to keep using  the techniques to enhance their writing life. Here are some of their comments...

...  I  had a lovely day, very inspiring. Hopefully we will meet again one day, I shall certainly do the Free writing to start with, I had never even heard of that! It was all very helpful, and I so enjoyed being in the company of all the very clever people, even if it was a bit scary...

... I really enjoyed the writing experience...

...Thank You for yesterday, I enjoyed myself and thought it helpful and they were a lovely group of ladies.  I need to get cracking...So I'll do what you suggested....Best wishes and thanks for all the work you put into the day... 

If you would like to be part of a St Dogmael's Workshop day, just contact me at kitchentablewriters@live.com

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