Sunday, 24 April 2016

Walking the Rainbow Path

This week, I'm delighted to be the guest blogger on the Druidlife blogsite with an article about shamanism. 
Druidlife is an excellent site for pagans, with reflections from Nimue Brown, a writer and author. Her blog is full of…life, community, inspiration, health, hope and radical change…and I'm honoured to be part of that.

A guest blog, by Nina Milton
One sunny autumn morning, fifteen years ago, I shipped up in Bath, to attend an introductory workshop on shamanism. As a druid, I was used to enjoying guided visualisations and wanted to know more about what happens when you stop being ‘guided’ and sink deeply into a trance that takes you away from everything around you. I’d started reading about shamanism; books like The Teachings of Don Juan, by Carlos Castaneda, Cave and Cosmos, by Michael Harner and Your Shamanic Path, by Leo Rutherford, showed me that shamanism was a historic world-wide phenomenon, but also that it still thrives today.
I’m an OBOD a druid, so it was British shamanism I was most attracted to. It uses archetypes I already knew from the Celtic myths, comforting symbols such as cauldrons and oak trees, and did not depend on mind-altering drugs to attain a state of trance…

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