Sunday, 13 April 2014

So what are we working on now?

So what are we working on now? Gail Swann tells (almost) all

News from the Writersunchained blogsite;
Our group has been tagged by Nina on her Kitchen Table Writers blog (great news on the Fish Prize, Nina!) to answer questions about our writing process. So we’re going to take turns to reveal at least some of our writing secrets. First up is Gail.
Gail Swann
What am I working on now? 
My novel-in-the-writing is about a remote holiday park...
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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Unravelled Visions - The second Shaman Mystery from Nina Milton is now on sale!

Excellent news for Sabbie Dare fans…you can now pre-order your copy of Unravelled Vision ahead of the publication date for only £8..05p. And you can have the book delivered free: (free delivery on orders over £10).

This is a great opportunity to have the 2nd book in your hands on the day of UK publication, ready for winter reading. Just go to
 to get to the page.

Here's a tiny snippet of the book…

The two detectives had arrived as the body was trundling on a gurney over to the white tent where the pathologist waited like an adjudicator at some macabre contest. The woman was found stripped of any clothing and the technician had thrown a green sheet over her poor mutilated and rotting body for that short journey, but the gurney jerked as its wheels stuck to the walkway, which was so burning hot it was melting the policemen’s thick soles, and the woman’s head slid to the edge, her heavy locks falling free, as if she’d just unpinned them. Despite the river weed and silt, her hair was still glorious; as black as a nighttime lake, not tampered by bleach or dye. 
Detective Sergeant Gary Abbott had stepped forward, his hand outstretched, and touched the woman’s hair, crying out like a distressed relative. “Take care with her, for God’s sake!”
UNRAVELLED VISIONS   by Nina Milton from Midnight Ink