Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Wishing You a Very Happy 2018

It's nearly 2018 and I hope that all my subscribers and readers have a happy and healthy new year, and that this coming 12 months will prove prosperous for you, in whatever way you wish it to be.

In this blog, I'm looking back over the 2017 highlights of Kitchen Table Writers and my top seven most popular blogposts

I'm starting at number seven with  Torturing a Poem, which I wrote after listening to Philip Pulman read from his recent non-fiction book about writing, Daemon Voices, which is full of his wisdom. Why 'Torturing a Poem'?  Pullman suggests, in Daemon Voices, that if you ‘interrogate a poem’ the results will be worthless, ‘as the results of torture always are’. …Poetry is in fact, enchantment, that it has the form it does because that very form casts a spell…

I talk about the relationship I have with my writing soul-mate, who I've know for over 25 years. Thank you Gail!

In June, I wrote a blogpost for the Open College of the Arts, Questing Your Plot  which proved the fifth most popular post this year, as I explained my wall charts, among other ways of working.

People seemed to love my rundown on what is happening on the Ness of Brodgar, in of Secrets of

Orkney's Ancient Captial which came right at the beginning of the year.

In third place,  is my review of an amazing BBC radio Four programme by Neil MacGregor.

Living with the Gods draws on objects taken from the British Museum to tell the story of the world's history of belief, festivals, and religious faiths.

In March, my blogpost was a personal history of how I sometimes find myself Working with Spells...The secret always seems to be desire (LOADS of it), strong intent (preparation and concentration are important) and then… pwuffff! allowing the wish to go…out into the ether, the astral, the spaces between particles…wherever you think wishes might go once you release them.

In the top spot this year as the most-read blogpost is our encounter with Larry and George Lamb, as they came to Wales during their TV programme Britain by Bike. People also loved our appearance on the show! 

Older posts are still proving popular. In third place, comes Mood Board where we look at the 1000'd of different ways to breathe life into new writing projects. 

 In overall second place, is BIRTHING A NEW DREAM - my account of the SHAMANIC GATHERING in September 2016. 

And, in the number one spot since I wrote it in January 2015, is Books of the Year; an interactive post.

I hope you have many New Year's resolutions that will come true for you. Mine is to write more and read more.
 Do let me know if your dreams come true!