Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Publishing Deal for Nina Milton

I’m delighted to announce that my first adult crime fiction novel, In the Moors, will be published in late 2013. 

This will be the first Sabbie Dare Mystery - but hopefully not the last. Set in Somerset, the story revolves around Sabbie Dare, a 28 year old Shamanic therapist, who lives in Bridgwater. She sometimes wonders what she’s doing in this ancient market town, offering complementary therapies and living with a low carbon footprint – she’s a city girl at heart, a party animal of mixed race and lost parentage.

Sabbie wakes up one morning from a nightmare to find it’s come true – a fox has raided her chickens – she supplements her earnings with a bit of self-sufficiency. She’s hoping that new boyfriend Ivan will help her repair the hen house, but he’s more keen on shooting the fox.

She’s expecting a client at 10am, but a Detective Sergeant arrives instead. Reynold Buckley is seems to be the archetypal humourless, if slightly maverick policeman, and their relationship begins like an upmarket cocktail – bitter and full of ice, but with a sparkler fizzing at the edge. He clearly thinks her profession is ‘mumbo jumbo’, and assumes she will tell him everything she knows about her client, Cliff Houghton, who is at present being questioned at Bridgewater Police station. Sabbie, refuses, but is shocked to find Cliff has been arrested in relation to the discovery of a child’s body buried in the wilds of the Somerset Moors. 

So shocked, in fact, that Sabbie decides to fight for Cliff’s innocence...even though investigating this dreadful crime will lead her into life-threatening danger...

I’ve been offered a contract with a very established publisher, Llewellyn Worldwide. To quote their mission statement;  

For more than 100 years, Llewellyn has published books on metaphysics, astrology, magic, spirituality, alternative healing, and associated new age topics. 

Llewellyn’s fiction imprint Midnight Ink, publishes a wide range of books on crime, and I’m now lucky enough to be one of their writers. I’m very proud of this development in my writing career and excited to think that everyone will soon be able to read about one of my personal favourite characters, Sabbie Dare; she’s got a big personality and a lovely nature, but underneath there is a darkness that sometimes overwhelms her.

Go to to learn more about Midnight Ink, and watch out for developments with my own book here on my blog!


  1. Many congratulations! My supernatural crime book set in the West Country will also be out this year, there's a rich seam of magic and mystery here. I look forward to In The Moors!

  2. Thank you Rebecca. It looks as if our books compliment each other. Maybe between us we've invented a new sub genre of the form!