Sunday, 10 March 2013

In the Moors; finally the cover revealed!

Here it is, the wonderful, understated and atmospheric cover to my new book. The photographer has really achieved what I'd hoped for and the strap line...A Shaman going to pull the punter in, I'm sure.

It should be available from late autumn of this year, from Midnight Ink, and you'll be able to buy in as a paperback or as an e-book.

Sabbie Dare walks between worlds...trying to help her shamanic clients while living a self-sufficient life in the sleepy town of Bridgwater. She wakes from a nightmare to find it has come true – a fox has raided her chickens. She’s hoping new boyfriend Ivan will help repair the hen-house, but he’s wants to shoot the fox. So when a detective called Reynard arrives at her house, she’s suspicious of the coincidence. Rey is the archetypal humourless, maverick policeman, and their relationship begins like an upmarket cocktail – bitter and full of ice, but with a sparkler fizzing at the edge.  Rey likes to play his hunches and expects Sabbie to help him finger her new client, Cliff Houghton, for a horrific child killing. Then a second boy goes missing and Cliff is implicated in the kidnap.Cliff’s shamanic otherworld reveals dreadful secrets to Sabbie and although she’s sure of his innocence, proving it becomes a threat to her own survival. Sabbie needs to visit the dead child's shallow grave, out in the Somerset moors. She is so determined to find the truth, she hardly notices that she’s hurtling towards a dark and certain place of death… 

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