Thursday, 6 June 2013

Acclaim for In the Moors.

Midnight Ink is poised to publish my novel IN THE MOORS, the first novel in the Shaman Mysteries series, featuring Sabbie Dare, a 28 year old shamanic counsellor and complimentary therapist, who simply cannot prevent herself investigating the strange lives of her clients. It will be out on the 8th August in the USA and on the 8th September here. Acclaim is arriving from those lucky people who have pre-read the manuscript prior to publication:

 From Ronal Hutton, author  of The Triumph of the Moon (Oxford University Press, Shamans (Hambledon and London), and Blood and Mistletoe; The History of Druids (Yale University Press)… 
In the Moors has a cracking pace, evocative landscapes and a shocking twist at the end; I’ve rarely read depictions of shamanic journeying that have felt so authentic. 

'From Ali Bacon, author of A Kettle of Fish (Thornberry Publishing)…
"A truly spooky story set in the Somerset Levels, which had me on the edge of my seat". 

From Gail Richards, Director, Red Central…
 The atmospheric location gripped me instantly; there's a sense of foreboding throughout the story. Sabbie's positive outlook on life and her faith in her shamanic journies brilliantly carries the reader through the twists and turns of this dark and intriguing mystery. She's a refreshingly different central character I'd like to read more of. 

 You can already order this book on Amazon at a reduction; put your order in so that you can have your say; Are Nina Milton's Shaman Mysteries going to be the Next Big Thing?
The rain-drenched moors near shamanistic counselor Sabbie Dare's home have become the scene of a chilling crime. When Detective Sergeant Reynard Buckley shows up suggesting her new client, Cliff Houghton—a wounded, broken man—has something to do with the body of a young boy found buried in the moors, Sabbie believes Cliff is being set up. Continuing the therapy she'd begun with Cliff, Sabbie uncovers repressed memories hearkening back to a decades-old string of abductions and murders. But after another boy is abducted, only Sabbie can prove Cliff's innocence . . . and find the real culprit before any more lives are shattered...

...Embark on Nina Milton…and you won’t stop reading… 
(Naomi Lewis, Sunday Observer) 


  1. Fab-bloody-tastic, Nina - Can't wait to order my copy!

  2. Actually, I already have (!)