Wednesday, 7 August 2013

I'm a fellow!

Just as I thought things couldn’t get any better, with my book In the Moors being released in the US on the 8th August, and a launch for the British release on the 12th September, I’ve just heard that I’ve been granted Fellow status -  
I am now a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy!
I'm very proud of achieving this status, which was initiated by the people I work for - the Open College of the Arts. They pushed me to go for this (and the procedure did draw blood...) and I'm so glad they kept on at me until I'd gone for it. 
The fellowship recognises achievements in tutoring for the open college, as well as assessing student work for degree credits and writing materials for their creative writing courses. I also help out a lot with things like student guides. But I really enjoy all of this. To be honest, as anyone who knows me will agree, it's hard to shut me up on the subject of writing creatively.
Jim, my hubby is going round singing ‘for she’s a jolly good...’ But I do hope no one else sinks that low!


  1. Congratulations Nina, you deserve it!

  2. Jim also thinks I'm now a candidate for the Fellowship of the Ring, but frankly, I'm not keen on walking to Mordor...