Monday, 30 December 2013

Wishing you a very happy and positive 2014

The photo is courtesy of Cilmeri Studio  taken at my book launch. 

The festive season has brought me a tremendous review in my local paper from Jackie Biggs, a Wales-based journalist and poet, who, I hear, really loved In the Moors. Jackie, thank you for saying such nice things…if you like crime fiction that turns pages fast and keeps your interst to the last…Nina Milton is for you… a balance of mystic dreamlike sequences set against the all-too-real horror of child abduction and murder…when a second child goes missing, the plot takes ever darker turns and as in all the best crime fiction, there is a final twist of fate that reveals the truth of the terror faced by the missing children…the second of the series is on the way and I can't wait for Sabbie Dare's next adventure!

Don't worry, Jackie, news of the follow-up book will be with you all in the new year!

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