Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Pull Your Underpants on Over your Trousers and Fly!

Writing about character is something that new and established writers alike are always thinking about and returning to.

This week, I'm guest blogging at the Open College of the Arts, looking at how to write your characters so that they live on the page for the reader.
Courtesy of the Open College of the Arts.

In this monthly series of blogposts on Writing Skills (both the course and the subject) we’ve been concentrating on various aspects of Part One, making the most of early strategies such as employing speedwriting, using notebooks, compiling a commonplace book and learning how to ‘zone in’ when describing.  It’s time to move onto Part Two of Writing Skills, which is all about character.
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Nina Milton is a novelist and short story writer who is also a tutor, assessor and course writer with the Open College of the Arts, who offer a full honours degree course for writers. You can do this degree, or any of the courses, from your home, and be guaranteed that your tutor will be a working artist.
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