Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Marlon James, Owen Sheers and Emma Donoghue – Marmite Fiction?

On their Writers Read page. 

What have I been reading

Really interesting books...Marmite books.  

Marmite is the UK’s favourite yeast extract spread, and it is said that people either love or hate it. Some books gain a similar response from readers, and here are the ones that I loved reading in 2015, but some others hated. As a writer of crime, I’ve chosen three books that can broadly be described as ‘crime novels’. 

I'm reviewing:

A Brief History of Seven Killings 
by Marlon James

I Saw a Man 
by Owen Sheers

Elizabeth is Missing 
by Emma Donoghue


  1. More reading Adventures!Dear Nina, I know now where I read the new stories from the Mabinogion-Owen Sheers "White Ravens"; As usual I read 3-4 Books from Authors; ?2013 he was on BBCx4 series and bought the Book also- A Poet's Guide to Britain, The Blue Book,Skirrid Hill;The Novels,The Dust Diaries-life writing in my view , and a Novel Resistance. The year was May 2013. I loved all of them I was on the deep end of OCA Short Story Course and also feeding myself with more poetry readings listening to poetry on Tape. Wonderful relaxation badly needed gathering momentum,speeding momentum hoping for a grand finale for the Short Story Course,which I equally enjoyed.Hence coming back to OCA ...alas! for more Creative Punishment..! Roll on 4th Assignment before The trilogy, and then this new list.You have now,Dear Nina Milton, tempt me to risk being sea nostalgic and embark On The Ninth Wave...and make believe I am surfing in Wales;I saw a Man by Owen Sheers, and Gwyneth Lewis-The Meat Tree...this will be my first book from his pen. Needless to say I have enjoyed all the books by Owen Sheers.
    Thank you once again, Nina, for this breath of Creative Air. Must stop now, and go upstairs for a 3 hour stretch on my 4th. A feature Portrait of a very dear friend and ex staff of my small Home in 1990...who died a couple of months or so ago.I still miss our telephone chats mostly on Religion and other related topics.
    Best wishes, Nicholas Poulcherios OCA 309678.

  2. I'm just reading the White Ravens by Owen Sheers, out from Seren, a beautiful novella from their series on 'modern takes on the Mabinogion'.