Friday, 24 June 2016

Join me at the 10th UK Shamanic Gathering

Thursday 8th  – Sunday 11th  September 2016

If you feel you have a leaning towards shamanism, as a spiritual path or as a spiritual tool within your own path, then why not join us at the biggest gathering of shamans in the UK? Each year the gathering acts as a meeting place for those interested in shamanism as a living path of spiritual wisdom. It is open to anyone – with any level of shamanic experience – and is held within a friendly sacred circle
Shaman Nicolas Breeze-Wood,
editor or Sacred Hoop and
Doris, our shamanic clown
at the 2015 gathering.
You don't have to have had any formal shamanic training to join the circle - just a willingness to be open-hearted to the spirit world which is all around us. A fine feast of ceremony, workshops, discussion groups, dance and teachings from many traditions with:

Maria Runningwater • Christiana Harle & Martin Wilford • Sika Rose • Amir Korvalian • Trisha Mulholland • Jonathan Weekes • Michelle Easton • Rosemary O’Toole • Annie Spencer & Howard Malpas • Supi • “Doris” The New Age Guru • Nina Milton • Derek Gane • Kate Merriwether • Catherine Brew & Angie McLachlan • Leo Rutherford • Sarah Howcroft • Moira Lake

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The Conference will take place at the green and peaceful venue of Earthspirit, just outside of Glastonbury in the tiny village of Compton Dundon. Lovely accommodation and delicious food are always part of the Gathering experience.  I was there last year, when over 70 people gathered together for this event and found it one of the most happy, friendly and fulfilling experiences I've recently had. This year I'm back with a workshop for participants who also write (or want to) creatively; Writing over the Rainbow Bridge.

listen to a shamanic chant here

the 4 Day Programme includes…

Workshop for those new to  Shamanic Journeying 
or those wishing to Recap: Mari Runningwater 
Lighting the Conference Fire and Opening the Gathering in a traditional
International therapist and profession gardener
 Carrie Thomas
Mongolian/Tuvan way: Christiana Harle and Martin Wilford

Workshops include;
Shamanic Drum Birthing Ceremony: Jonathan Weeks
Gratitude and Sacred Plants as Offerings: Michelle Easton
Wand of Dreams: Rosemary O’Toole
Rites of Passage and Initiation: Annie Spencer and Howard Malpas
Free Me: Unbinding the Gender Binaries: Catherine Brew and Angie McLachlan
Choosing the Right dream: Supi    
Dancing the Dream Body Awake: Trisha Mulholland Plant Spirits and the Sacred Dream: Moira Lake
Shamanigins: “Doris” The New Age Guru                           
Writing Over the Rainbow Bridge - Write Creatively with help from your Spirit World: Nina Milton
Discover the Magic of Ceremony: Derek Gane
The Heart Beat of our Ancestors: Kate Merriwether
Colours Without Names:  Sarah Howcroft
Trance Dance: Leo Rutherford and Sika Rose

Ceremony of Gratitude and Connection: Annie Spencer, Trisha Mulholland 

Regular Discussion Groups, meetings in Home Groups and Meditation and
Movement workshops

The yew tree in Compton Dundon Churchyard

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