Thursday, 19 September 2013

Great Write-up by Femail First!

Lucy Walton, the book reviewer for Femail First has interviewed me and given In the Moors a full page write up in this internet magazine for women!
Here are some of the questions she asked me;

1.What can you tell us about your new book In the Moors?
2. You have been writing fiction since your teacher put a pen and pencil in front of you, so can you tell us a bit about your earliest attempts?
3. You also write children’s books, so do you have a preference between writing for children and adults?
4. How much did your MA in creative writing help you shape your work?
5. What attracted you to crime fiction?
6. Please tell us about your inspiration behind the character of Sergeant Reynard Buckley.
7. Please tell us about your light bulb moment for In the Moors.
8. What is your writing process?
9. Please can you review for us the book you are currently reading.
10. What is next for you?

Read my answers at

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