Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Unravelling Visions

I'm proud and delighted to announce the publication date of the next book in the Shaman Mystery Series by Nina Milton. Midnight Ink will be publishing the follow-up to In the Moors, in October 2014. It will be titled Unravelling Visions and, as before, feature Sabbie Dare, the Somerset shaman who has burst upon the crime fiction scene.

Unravelling Visions
 opens on the hottest day in August, when a young girl is pulled from a Bridgwater wharf, her body so mutilated that it makes identification impossible. Months later Sabbie Dare’s nemesis DS Abbott is found dead after the Bridgewater Carnival. The Bridgewater police are on high alert.
Meanwhile, Romanies Kizzy and Mirela Brouviche have come to England from Bulgaria in the hope of finding their fortune, but soon after Sabbie meets Kizzy at the carnival, the Roma disappears, leaving her young sister Mirela stranded and afraid for her sister. Sabbie is determined to help her in her search, but her shamanic journeys are confusing…her visions unravelled…and they lead Sabbie into dangerous territoriy. This includes being chatted up by immigration worker Fergus Brown, who is reticent on what he knows about the Romany sisters. And while she begins to suspect that the owners of Papa Bulgaria, where Kizzy and Mirela worked, are somehow involved with Kizzy’s disappearance, she also needs to factor in Eric Atkinson, the leader of a sinister cult, who seems too interested in Sabbie's new neighbours, Drea and Andy. Sabbie journeys into Drea's spirit world and is confrontated with a terrifying anaconda. Drea is shocked and distressed by Sabbie’s revelations and shortly afterwards disappears.

Are Kizzy and Drea’s disappearances related? Is Eric Attkinson's cult a danger? What led Garry Abbott to die alone of a single gunshot to the head in a darkened alleyway? Is his death linked to Papa Bulgaria's carnival float of gypsy dancers? Should Sabbie accept a date with charming Irishman Fergus? While Sabbie is facing these questions, she also has to cope with the discovery of her long-dead mother’s family, whose surprising appearance is set to take the wind out of her sails.

A disapproving DI Rey Buckley instructs Sabbie to stay well away from his case…and away from him. Naturally, Sabbie does the opposite. Her headstrong nature leads her right to the heart of trouble.

Terri Bischof, the acquisitions editor at Midnight Ink says of Unravelling Visions…
I loved the masuscript.The Shaman Mysteries are among my favourite series. I look forward to book three very much! Again, this is a great book!

I hope you'll enjoy it too, once it's been released. Of course, if you haven't yet obtained your copy of In the Moors, now's the time to do so. Why not drop into your local library and ask for it? Or, if you're feeling flush, ask your local Waterstones to order it in for you;
(Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0738738360 Publisher:MIDNIGHT INK (1 Sep 2013) )

If you have a copy, and you've finished it, why not write your name and the date at the front and loan it to a friend or relative? That way more people get to enjoy the book before the follow-up arrives!

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  1. Oh well done Nina Can't wait to read the next instalment, In the Moors was a fantastic read and kept me hooked right to the end. One of those books you can't put down but don't want to end. Roll on October!!!