Thursday, 24 July 2014

Unraveled Visions RT Book Review

Unraveled Visions, the second novel in my Shaman Mystery Series, has had a great review from RT Book Reviews.

Mystery, Amateur Sleuth
Nina Milton
Story arcs that run parallel get an inquisitive
Sabbie in and out of danger in this exciting 
Shaman Mystery series. Eerie visions 
that appear during one of her sessions
continue to haunt as the thrilling tale
progresses, even though some lead her in
The wrong direction

On a lark, shaman Sabbie Dare has her 
fortune read by a seer at a local carnival. 
There are some frightening images and
shortly thereafter, The clairvoyant vanishes. 
At the request of the woman’s sister, 
Sabbie looks into the disappearance – much 
to the dismay of Detective Inspector Rey Buckley.
She’s also heading the pleas of her neighbor, 
whose wife has been swept into a cult where the 
leader has several wives and even more secrets. 
When the seer is found, there’s a
 link to a body, with startling results.
(MIDNIGHT INK Sep, 456pp $14.99)
Donna M Brown

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