Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hens and Chicks (and the Mystery Writer)

This week I'm guest blogging on Writers and other Animals,  writer Sheila Boneham's great blog.

Ceridwen and baby
The blog is about hens...mine and Sabbie Dare's...

It’s often said that characters in books resemble their authors. But in my case, I seem to be following in my heroine’s footsteps. Sabbie Dare has been keeping hens from the beginning of the Shaman Mystery Series. In the first book, In the Moors, we meet the hens in Chapter One, when something rather awful happens to some of them. Sabbie goes out early to collect the eggs…At the henhouse door I dropped my empty basket and cried out in raw distress. Slaughter lay at my feet. Saffron, the biggest of my hens, was gone, and Pettitgrain, my favourite, lay dead from a clean bite to the neck

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