Monday, 8 December 2014

Coming Soon, the Title and Cover of the Third Shaman Mystery - be the first to see it!

Even I haven't seen the cover of my third book yet! And the title on that cover is a closely guarded secret. But all will be revealed in the New Year.

It's clear that even I'm scared
by the content of my novels.
They are known to keep people
awake for most of the night as
they cannot put them down.
If you haven't yet discovered
Sabbie Dare, Shaman Therapist,
you're in for a treat.
Available on Amazon, Waterstones and
all good US bookstores
 or direct from Midnight Ink Books.
So what can I tell you about book#3 to whet your appetite? I can hint that this one is set in Glastonbury, the hub of paganism and all things strange and wonderful in the UK. Sabbie Dare is yet again confronted with death and needs the help of her shamanic guardians to reach the kernel of the mystery. The story is filled with Sabbie's shamanic friends in all their colourful glory, and we're going to be introduced to a member of the Dare family that even Sabbie has never met before...and will never wish to meet again. 

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