Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Third Shaman Mystery

Coming soon in print and Kindle -
The 3rd Shaman Mystery, featuring Sabbie Dare. 
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Beneath the Tor is set in Glastonbury, one of the most mystic places in England. It's midsummer eve, and Alys has danced the entire night away on the summit of Glastonbury Tor. As the solstice sun rises, she drops onto the grass. 

“I saw her spirit rise. It’s already gone.”

Sabbie Dare is again in the middle of a mystery with

a murder to solve, but this time, all the people closest to 

her are suspects, and one of them is in deadly danger. 

Pre-order Beneath the Tor from Amazon

I am a druid; a pagan path which takes me close to the earth and into the deep recesses of my mind.  Shamanic techniques help me in my life - in fact they changed my life - although, unlike Sabbie, I’ve never set up a therapeutic practice. I now write crime fiction, published by Midnight Ink. 
Some years ago, Sabbbie Dare walked directly into my mind, fully formed and announced; I'm a young therapist, a shaman, and sometimes I do get very strange people walking into my therapy room...” 
I grew up in the West of England, and love the vast moors of the Somerset Levels. Their beauty takes away my breath, but they have a wildness that is equally sombre, mysterious and threatening.  I set my Shaman Mysteries in this unique place, and love to immerse the stories in the landscape and traditions. 
In Beneath the Tor, Sabbie spends the summer solstice in Glastonbury, where she learnt her shamanic practice. She's become experienced in therapeutic shamanism – helping people through contact with the spirit world – and she’s there to run a workshop for other shamans. 
After Alys Hollingbury, beautiful, rich and newly-wed, dies on the summit of the mystic Tor, her grieving husband Brice receives sinister and anonymous emails, which seem to link to a series of brutal attacks. As Sabbie heads closer to the truth about Alys’ shocking death, a deranged killer is also heading towards a showdown with a final victim. Sabbie knows she will not stop until she has all the answers…even though it is possible her closest shamanic friends might be involved. 

Beneath the Tor  will be released in the US in December 2015 and will be out in the UK in the new year, but you can buy the first two in the series now at; Nina Milton's Amazon Page 

This well-written story
 is incredible knowledgeable, suspenseful,
 and a truly cool adventure
 into the world that lies ‘beyond';

Suspense Magazine  

Sabbie Dare is the most compelling
protagonist and Milton’s tale is riveting. 
The visceral suspense Milton creates is
commendable, not to mention terrifying.
I like pairing her work with Elly Griffiths’s
 atmospheric English mysteries.
Library Journal

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